Would you try an action-packed mobile game that has over 10 million downloads and a lot of great reviews (a 4.5 on Android)? If your answer is yes, check out the Walking War Robots unlimited gold & silver – also known as the War Robots in online stores.

War Robots comes from Pixonic, a developer from Russia and is an action freemium game available for Android and iOS mobile platforms. The game promotes a third-person shooter environment where you get to fight either other players (PvP mode) or in large battles where you get to team up with other players (MMO mode).

Even more, just like with most games with a hierarchic structure, you will have to collect Walking War Robots unlimited gold & silver in order to advance. This is where the freemium part of the game comes up: there are in-app purchases that allow you to advance faster. Still, you’ll have to spend real money on it which is why it’s recommended to use the password protection option if you have kids.

walking war robots unlimited gold and silver

The gameplay

The game reminds me a bit of the Avatar movie – remember how soldiers used to drive gigantic robots and use them in battle? Well, here’s the same thing: you get to drive a giant robot and use the weapons and defenses it got.

If you want to team up, you will be introduced to a team of 6 players that will fight a team with the same number of players. There is a clever algorithm that teams up players with the same experience rank trying to make the battle as fair as possible for all players.

If you win, your amount of Walking War Robots unlimited gold & silver will increase allowing you to buy a new robot or better weapons for the one you’ve got. On the other hand, if you lose, you will have the chance to continue watching the battle (to learn new strategy skills) or you can join another battle.

Some features worth mentioning

War Robots is quite a fun game and many users say they love the high-quality graphics and the way the action is depicted. Your robots will fight in a wide range of scenes and the weapons are quite cool which makes the entire experience worth of your time and focus. However, there are other features worth mentioning like:

  • The game is packed with intricate maneuvers, surprise attacks, and many other sneaky tricks. After all, your robot is as good as your strategy skills. You will get to play against players all over the world and learn how to be better and better.
  • There are 21 battle robots and each has a different set of skills
  • Who wouldn’t want to use an energy plasma gun? Even though it’s just a virtual reality, the game allows you to use such a cool weapon and more. Still, in order to purchase it, you will need enough Walking War Robots unlimited gold & silver.
  • You can combine robots and weapons to make them more fit to your style and you actually have the freedom to create your own powerful war machine.
  • The game offers the possibility to play against players one-on-one or within a team. If you already have a team you like, you can invite them and avoid random placing.

In the end, War Robots is a game worth trying even though you’re not that much into shooting and battles!