Do you like adrenaline filled games and you have a lot of free time on your hands? Regardless of the fact that you are at home or on the subway, going home, Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins and Keys Cheat is great to kill some time without getting utterly bored.

The game is light and compact and you can play it on any mobile device you want as there are 4 apps for it: for iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and Kindle (there was also a version for Windows 8 Phone, but it got discontinued once the Windows 10 version was released). Each app is free to download and you can find it in each specific app store.


Gameplay and Characters

Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins and Keys Cheat is quite simple as the main objective is to collect coins and other objects while running through a never ending subway station. It may seem a bit dull, but the game is far from it! First of all, the HD visual quality is amazing and characters are pretty fun to lead. Second of all, you will be actually riding trains on a surfing hoverboard and moving from one train roof to another. Of course, nothing is simple and you will have to time your jumps correctly, do sideways moves and rolls.

To keep the race going you have to avoid obstacles that jump in front of you unexpectedly and you have to collect unlimited Subway Surfers coins and keys. With the coins you earn you’ll be able to purchase updates and other characters and with the special objects you get you’ll participate in the Weekly Hunt for great prizes. Keys help you advance in the game by increasing your score and allow you to challenge friends for a race.

The characters are as colorful as the game and they are divided into two main categories: the hooligans (that’s you) and the Inspector and his dog (the ones that chase you). The default character is Jake, the hooligan who is caught spraying graffiti on the subway station wall and, if you want more characters, you will have to earn and spend some coins. To make it easy, there is another cheat to get unlimited coins and keys for Subway Surfers, watch this video and follow the instructions.

Updates and special events

The game landscape and characters’ outfit change according to the version you are playing. So, if you get bored with the default version and you’ve earned enough unlimited Subway Surfers coins and keys, you can purchase new ones.

Subway Surfers has a World Tour section where you can choose almost any city in the world and the entire game aspect will be changed to fit that city. For instance, if you choose to play in New Orleans, the Inspector will be replaced by Frankenstein with a skeleton dog – pretty neat, right?

But Subway Surfers unlimited coins and keys cheat can bring you more than that. You can get new clothes for your characters, buy them new boards, and participate in special contests that will win you amazing prizes for the game.

We recommend this game for killing time because the race never ends (unless you are caught by the Inspector or you crash into a wall or obstacle).