Radio is one of the most listened formed of media in the world and was the way to success for many actors and celebrities. It’s also one of the best ways to stay up to date with the latest news, learn more about certain niches, and have a companion during boring times. It’s the perfect companion during a long drive or when you need something running in the background.


Top 5 most popular radio stations

The best part with today’s technology is the fact that radio stations can be listened online as well. This allows you to keep your favorite station close regardless of your location and this is why we’ll include them on our list.

#1: BBC Radio 1

As you might have noticed from the name BBC Radio 1, this is a British radio station. However, they also broadcast internationally, and their main niche is music. More exactly, they play current popular music which is one of the reasons why so many people like them. They are not set on a certain genre so you everyone can have something to listen to.

They also offer interviews with music celebrities which is another attraction for people of all ages.

#2: BBC Radio 5 Live

It looks like the first two places in our top are taken by the British, but they deserve it. BBC Radio 5 Live is focused on serious events and news from all over the world. News are transmitted live and the entertainment is completed with interviews, phone-ins, sports events and commentaries, and more.

#3:  Brooklyn Radio

Well, the USA radio stations couldn’t miss from our list and Brooklyn Radio is one of the best. Their popularity derives from their freestyle program which covers various music genres. They are the response to the standard radio format which follows a certain type of design.

#4: RTE Junior

Sadly, not many radio stations out there care for the need of children. Still, the ones that do, must present high-quality programs to stay in business. RTE Junior is an online radio, offered by the Irish radio RTE. The radio offers story-telling, nice music, and learning – all suited for the younger listeners.

#5: Classic FM

An internet radio which broadcasts classical music is definitely going to win some real fans over. Classic FM is the type of stylish radio with a very select audience where you will always find high-quality music.